The digital magazine is now AVAILABLE!!!!

During the winter and spring, we offer a VIP package and those that sign up for it get a ton of value for being a VIP. One of the best parts is that those that signed up for the VIP get EXCLUSIVE access to the magazine roughly two days after we send it to the press and they have this EXCLUSIVE access for almost two weeks.

The last couple of years we have given a FREE digital magazine to those that purchase the hard copy on my web site. Those of you that made that purchase and were not VIP’s now have ACCESS to the Digital version starting today! If you have not already purchased the magazine you can do so right here Click Here to Order!. We have the magazines in the office and ship them out daily Priority Mail and you will have them in your hand soon.

A quick note on the digital version is that we actually update it all the way through the start of September. If a player is injured and lost for the season or leaves the team we CIRCLE him on the digital magazine page. If a player is added we make that addition and change the writeup as well!

Now there are a good amount of people who only want the digital. Today June 19, you can now purchase the digital version and be reading it in minutes. Here is the link to get your access to the digital version right Click Here to order the Digital.                 

We spend 6.5 months producing this magazine and I talked to over 120 of the 134 head coaches spending an average of one hour with each of them. We went to the press June 7 over a month after the portal closed and captured all the places the players landed so our rosters are up to date! Now you can have all this information at your fingertips in a matter of minutes as the digital version is available right now.


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