It’s Barnes & Noble Week!!!

This is the week of July 4th and fireworks will be shooting off all over the country and it is also the official on sale date week for Barnes and Noble and my magazine!

Some Barnes and Nobles got their magazines last week and put them out already. Here are some tweets and Instagram posts from some of those B&N’s

I have been exclusive with Barnes and Nobles since 2020 and I wrote about it on page 2 with the picture of my TV’s. Here is what I said.

First of all, I would like to thank Krifka at Barnes & Noble for basically saving the magazine. During the Covid year, I was on the verge of hanging it up as I did not know if they were going to play football and I invest way too much time and money into getting the magazine produced each year. My staff and I put in a legitimate 6.5 months of labor into the magazine and I work year round on football averaging 102 hours a week during football and another 70-80 hours a week during magazine season. My “free months” are during the end of June, all of July and the start of August. Just when I announced on Twitter that we would NOT be on the newsstands in 2020, Krifka at Barnes & Noble called me and said they NEEDED the magazine and purchased them from us direct. She took a BIG risk as it was not really known if they would be playing football at all in 2020! We did distribute in 2020 thanks to that risk that Krifka took and now I am no longer thinking of folding but instead looking ahead to producing this labor of love another 30 years. Last year Krifka came up with the idea that we could put two different covers into the same store!!! We jumped at the opportunity and if you are reading this in your local Barnes & Noble you probably have a choice of covers. Great Idea Krifka! Tracy, who is my daily contact at B&N, does a tremendous job and she is a great pleasure to work with! 

A big thanks to Barnes & Noble!!!

Despite being Exclusive with Barnes and Noble, they have allowed me to also sell to Books-a-Million. Books-a-Million also took a chance with me in 2020 by buying a smaller quantity of books and I greatly appreciate that.

This is year 30 of the magazine and many of you have been purchasing them at many different locations thru the years but save your gas and only head to Barnes and Nobles or Books-A-Million are the only two locations. If you are in Las Vegas you can also get them at Gamblers Book Club at 727 S Main St.

This week is also the start of my radio show season. I wait for the week that we are officially on sale at Barnes and Noble. I also wait until I have gone thru every matchup for the upcoming season. I worked my way going thru each match-up for 2024 and looking at all the factors, home, away, favorite, dog, situation, revenge, past series history, letdown look ahead & all 9 sets of my power ratings and coming up with my preseason line on each game. I have this done for every game and have who I would favor and by how much.

Since this is Barnes and Noble week this blog will be up all week thru Sunday. On Monday July 8th I will begin my daily blogs once again with lots of great information taking you up to and including the football season!


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