The 2024 Magazine is off the Press!!! Where, When, How to get it.

We started the magazine process last November 22nd. A lot of long hours went into the magazine. The magazine is done is a three write thru process and I have talked about that in the past and will have another blog on that this summer.

                  We sent the last page of the magazine to the press on Friday June 7th. Because it was the weekend the digital magazine was not up until Monday. The current digital magazine is only available to those that signed up for the VIP deal until June 19th. Speaking of the VIP deal all of my VIP’s are getting their magazine sent out today Friday June 14th!!! I first of all want to thank the printer for the quick turnaround! I also want to thank all of you that signed up for the VIP!

                  If you are not a VIP I will let you know where, when and How to get it.

                  You can order the magazine online right now at this link Click Here.

When you order thru the office there is a shipping and handling charge as it costs to ship the magazine via mail. What we do for you is provide a FREE digital magazine ($19.99 value) when you order thru the website. The digital magazine will be open to the public on Wednesday June 19 and everyone that ordered a magazine thru the office will be able to access the digital version then. If you order thru the office we will start shipping those magazines on either June 18 or 19 and after that we will try to ship out your magazine the same day or next day but the turnaround will be quick.

                  A couple of notes on the digital magazine. We captured 95% of the roster moves that happened after the portal closed. We went to the press later than we used to just to make sure we captured those moves. There will be a few of those but we also capture unexpected coaching changes, players that are injured in camp and out for the year etc. We update the digital magazine daily thru the start of September so you are always up to date.

                  July 4th is National Holiday but it is also the day that our good friends at Barnes and Noble have the magazine officially on sale at ALL their stores. No shipping and handling charge here, just make your way to Barnes and Nobles in July and almost all stores will have two different covers to choose from! Some stores may even have it out a few days earlier. We also have the magazines with the National Cover at Books-A-Million and they will be out by July 4th. We used to be at Grocery Stores, Walmart and places like that but are EXCLUSIVELY at Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million this year much like we have been the last two years.

                  We poured 6.5 months of labor into this magazine, I talked to 120+ head coaches taking an average of about an hour each to go over their teams with them and make sure we had the right players at the right spots. The magazine is like getting 134 different media guides rolled into one and now you know Where, When and How to get the 2024 Phil Steele College Football Preview!


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