Best Offensive and Defensive YPG vs Opp Avg

The last two days I have talked about how I use and determine both the Offensive YPG vs Opponents defensive average CLICK HERE FOR BLOG and the Defensive YPG vs Opponents Offensive averages CLICK HERE FOR BLOG.

This past year Oklahoma was #14 on Offense at +91.1 ypg vs opponents defensive average but they finished with a losing season? The reason was the defense was #115 allowing teams 48.2 ypg more than they averaged. Iowa State was #1 on the defensive chart holding foes to 143.7 ypg below their opponents average but finished just 4-8! Well, they lost a lot of close games and the offense was #104 gaining 44.8 ypg less than what opponents normally allowed.

Even if you subtract the 44.8 from their +143.7 on defense they finished #21 at +98.9. Oklahoma was a combined +42.9 ypg (91.1 – 48.2) and was just #52. Naturally teams that have a plus on one side and a negative number on the other will finish towards the middle of the pack.

Here is this year’s combined chart ranked from best to worst.

Georgia was the clear cut winner as not only did their Offense rank #3 at +128.6 ypg their defense ranked #2 at +113.1 ypg! Ohio State which was a missed FG away from beating Georgia in the playoff game came in #2 overall as adding the Offense and Defense together they were +210.7 vs Opponent Averages. Alabama was #3, Michigan #4 and Florida State which I felt was the best ACC team at the end of the year was #5 at +168.1. Interestingly TCU was just #37 at +61.9 ypg with a lot of close wins. Colorado was not only the weakest P5 team but finished #131 overall at -103.8 ypg on Offense and -69.8 ypg vs opp avg on D for a combined -173.5.

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