The 2023 Phil Steele Magazine VIP bundle!

I would like to thank the good folks at LEARFIELD who partnered with the magazine and are now allowing me to put out the best-ever Phil Steele College Football preview magazine deal. There are many bonuses to this deal and each one is a reason to purchase the VIP package. When you add it all up you will get well over $200 worth of extra value for what you have paid for the magazine the last few years. Let me go over all the details in the VIP Bundle.

GET THE MAGAZINE FIRST – Well before it hits the newsstands!!!

You know the magazine has 3-4 times the information as any other college football magazine. You also know it takes a long time to read through the 350+ page encyclopedia. If you want to get a head start on reading through the estimated 1,000,000 words and numbers that are in the magazine, then check this out. The magazine will be available on the newsstands approximately July 4th this year. I actually send the last page to the press on June 7th. It will take the printer a little over a week to turn the magazine around. Last year the printer in Colorado ran into a few delays and shipping took longer to get out all the VIP orders. This year I will be personally be supervising the mailing of the magazines and all magazines will be shipped within days after the magazine rolls off the press! Included in the price of the VIP deal is Priority Shipping! That means while the rest of country will be staking out their local Barnes and Noble and waiting until July 4th to be able to purchase one, you should have it in your hands MID June! The VIP deal allows you to get the magazine well before it hits the newsstands!

GET THE DIGITAL VERSION- Updated all summer long – $19.99 VALUE – FREE!

This will be the 29th year of the Phil Steele College Football Preview. Eight years ago we hired a company to do our digital magazines and they handled it for 5 years. This company did an adequate job but there were some hiccups. Two years ago LEARFIELD took over the digital part of the magazine and not only improved it but allowed me to update the magazine all the way until the start of the season. If a player hit the portal or was out for the year, we were able to change the pages in the magazine to keep you updated. Many of you who buy the hard copy like to get the digital version to save on the wear and tear of the actual magazine which get worn out from being used every day from the time you get it until the bowls. Since we brought out the digital version, I have been asked many times if someone that purchased the magazine could get the digital for free. Naturally if you but the magazine at the newsstand, we have no way to verify that you bought it. A good portion of you that buys the hard copy have also had to pay the $19.99 for the digital each year. Now, since LEARFIELD handles the digital version and also handles the sales of the magazine thru the office they are able to give my VIP members the digital version for FREE! The digital version will be UPDATED in June, July and August giving you all the latest information all the way up until the start of the season! This will not be available if you buy the magazine after March 31st. Another huge benefit of the digital version is that it will be available just days after we send the magazine to the press so you can read the magazine BEFORE it is even printed!

Get FOUR Months of Phil Steele Plus, a $76 value ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Phil Steele Plus is the website of information that I created for my own use. During the football season I need to have all the latest numbers updated and at my fingertips every week. We started putting the information up on Phil back in 2009 so that I could have reference to everything I needed on one site for when I am breaking down games or doing radio or TV shows. We have added information each year and improved the site each year. Here is what is available on every team page.

Up to date stats and game grades for each team color coded in red and green with Green for Good numbers and Red for Bad. You can actually scroll down all the way to 2009 and get each year’s stats in that fashion.

Individual player stats updated on a game by game basis (fantasy players love this) and once again these numbers are not only for the current year but since 2009. Want to see how a certain player does against a certain team? The information is at your fingertips.

Box Scores/Play by Play for EVERY game. College Press Box allows us to download the actual box scores for every game and we put them on the site right next to the game under the Box category. I go through the play by play of EVERY game every week and you not only have access to this year’s box scores but all Box Scores since 2008.

Start Charts – We update the Start Charts all season long for each team. Many of the school websites do not even list Start charts but we have them updated and you can go back and get Start Charts since 2009 for every team.

Team Info back to 1988 – Want to know who was the coach of the team?, what the record and stats were for each team and where they finished in the conference each year. It is in on one back with stats, records and coaches back to 1988.

Last 47 years Game by Game Spreads and Scores – I have been keeping track of the Vegas Point spread and scores on every game since 1976. We have the last 47 years Scores and Spreads for every team. Want to know the last time your favorite team was a 20+ point underdog. You can look it up in seconds. Every line that was posted on every game since 1976!

Team leaders the last 22 years – Which players led your favorite team in Passing, Rushing, Receiving and tackles since 2001 for all teams.

NFL Draft History – We have EVERY draft pick ever for every team! The first draft was 1936 and we have every player selected in every draft for every team including what round and overall pick they were.

Last 26 years Matchups for every game this year – Want to see what happened the last 26 years for any matchup this year. If it is a first meeting, we show you. If the teams played 5 times in that span each game is listed. If the teams met all 26 years, we show you all 26. Green is for wins, the spreads and stats for each meeting are listed as well. How many times the home team won straight up and ATS, how many upsets, etc. It is all listed for every game.

I have invested over 100,000 man hours thru the years making sure all this information is at my fingertips each week and continue to invest time each week to keep it updated. Phil Steele Plus is $99 for the year ($19 per month). You get FOUR MONTHS or a $76 value FREE with the VIP Bundle. You get the months of June, July, August and September absolutely free.

Phil Steele’s 2023 FCS Magazine is yours FREE ($25 value)!

I will not be printing a FCS magazine but this past year we gave a full pages writeup for every FCS team. This comes in very handy as there are no FCS magazines out there and most sportsbooks now accept wagers on FCS games. You can become an instant FCS expert for this year and have access to my complete 2023 magazine on each team page. We have FCS pages color coded Green and Red for the last X years! With the four months of Phil Steele Plus you have access to all this information thru the end of September!

First Four College Issues of Inside the Pressbox ($80 value) FREE!

My work does not stop when the magazine goes to the press. I immediately start working on the upcoming season matchups. During the season I put out a weekly newsletter called Inside the Pressbox. In each issue of Inside the pressbox I give a complete one page writeup of every game for the week with a projected score and some Key Selections. The newsletter also has my computer projected box score with yards rushing, yards passing and points for each team. I live in Ohio and they just made sports betting legal here as they have in many other states. A huge benefit to getting the first four Issues of Inside the Pressbox is there are over 100 matchups of FBS vs FCS and I will have each matchup completely analyzed for you with forecasted score. Your best value is not wagering on the big marquee games of the week but finding value in games where the public has little information on the teams. Last year I had 80+ games written up in the first couple of issues! You will get my forecast on the season’s first 250+ games and you get it all for FREE.

Here is a sample from the College Bowl Issue of Inside the Pressbox on the Gator Bowl.

How to get the VIP deal

The easiest way to get the VIP Deal is to click here and it will take you right to the VIP Bundle Page.

One note, the March 31st DEADLINE is REAL. We need to have all the orders processed so that we can ship them out as quickly as possible. You can still order the magazine after June 1, but you will not get the VIP special, just a great magazine. Another note is that this current offer will not last long. The 4 free issues of Pressbox will drop to 3 and the price will go up. It is the Early Bird that gets the worm and this offer is the absolute BEST on this year’s magazine.



Get Phil’s Extended data and Plus your odds. Click on Learn more to see exactly how Phil uses Phil Steele Plus. FCS only access also available.