What exactly is Phil Steele Plus.

What exactly is Phil Steele Plus.

A couple of decades ago, I started philsteele.com and have put a ton of great football information up there for free. We will continue to put a ton of great information for free up on the site, but this year we are adding “Phil Steele Plus” to the category.

This blog will explain what is available on Phil Steele Plus and what the differences are. Let me explain why this is happening. When I started philsteele.com it was during the dot.com explosion where businesses were making a ton of money thru advertising. I figured, why not join the craze. I would produce college football information that could not be found anywhere else and the advertisers would come pouring in. The information was put up on the site, but the advertising never came.

The reason for the lack of advertising is the lack of employees I have that are dedicated to bringing in advertisers. That would be zero. Every employee I have is dedicated to helping gather and then proofing the vast amounts of college and NFL football information that we produce.

This year I have done about 400 radio/TV show interviews in the summer, while also being at a few events with media members. I can’t tell you how many of them have thanked me for producing the “Bible” of college football and telling me how smart my magazine makes them look on the air or in their articles. I greatly appreciate all the kind comments. These comments keep me going during the long hours of magazine season.

Producing the amount of information that we put in the magazine is not easy. When I first put out the magazine, I kept looking over my shoulder the first 10 years thinking someone was going to try and match me. Now in my 22nd year of the magazine, I realize that someone would be FOOLISH to try and compile all the information that we put into the magazine and website. We invest over 25,000 hours of time producing and making sure the information is accurate. We have the awards like “Most Accurate Magazine over the Last 19 years” and many big time national organizations rely on things like my returning starters numbers.

We start working on the magazine full bore the Sunday after Thanksgiving and this year sent the final page to the press on June 1st.  I personally invested over 2,000 hours during the 6 full months of magazine season and the staff another 10,000 plus hours. Even though the magazine sells out quickly when it hits the stands, it is tough to make a profit with so many hours invested.

The same thing exists with the web site. We invest a ton of hours updating the stats and you know a Phil Steele stat is 99%+ accurate. The team pages on philsteele.com are a huge resource during the football season. Not only do they give you stats in every category you need but they are also color coded in green and red. Green is a very good stat and red is a bad stat. At a glance you can see where the strengths and weaknesses are for each team during the year. Click Here to see how Phil Uses Phil Steele Plus from a tutorial video from 2016.

I could hire an advertising agency to bring in dollars to keep philsteele.com a free site or I could just put a small fee on the site and turn it into Phil Steele Plus. The fee for Phil Steele Plus will go up but this week you can get the 2017 football season for just $89.99! That is just $14.99 per month for the 6 months of the season. If you go to a ball game and have 3 beers you probably spend that much money on the beer and the tip and this is SIX MONTHS of football information.  Right now I have the last 40 years results which will allow you quick easy research on any game played since 1976!

Phil Steele Plus will also give you a peak behind the curtain of my power ratings and we will put up some of my 9 sets of power ratings and the forecasts each has for the games during each week of the season.

Another benefit is being able to see each teams stats & results for every game dating back to 2009 on one page, rather then flipping back and forth thru previous magazines. It also shows the top 5 individual statistical leaders in rushing, passing, & receiving for each team. You can easily see how each team has either improved or regressed from season to season as well as who led them each year.

If you subscribe to my newsletter “Inside the Pressbox”, the Phil Steele Plus membership will be discounted as a bonus. The teams pages have been flipped and to get access to them just go right here to philsteele.com’s store and choose Phil Steele Plus. If your ar a subscriber to “Inside the Pressbox” to get the discount on “Phil Steele Plus” please email Todd at todd@philsteele.com and he’ll check your account and send you over a coupon code to get the discount.


Phil Steele Plus Sections on Philsteele.com

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How do you get set up with Phil Steele Plus?

Just click this link <HERE>  add Phil Steele Plus to the checkout for $89.00. During the purchase process you will make up your own Username and Password to log on. Once you do that you will receive a confirmation in your email to verify your account. Again if our already subscribed to “Inside the Pressbox” do not get Phil Steele Plus yet. Please email Todd at todd@philsteele.com with your first name, last name and what email you are registered under and he will verify you are a subscriber of Inside the Pressbox and he will send over a coupon code to get 50% off.



Get Phil’s Extended data and Plus your odds. Click on Learn more to see exactly how Phil uses Phil Steele Plus. FCS only access also available.