Strength of Wins/ Pain of Losses thru Week#5

Strength of Wins

I find this chart to be very interesting every year. How it’s devised is if you beat an FBS opponent you get credit for all their wins over their FBS opponents.

In this first chart below you can see Strength of Wins. Notre Dame now  has #1 spot on this list. Notre Dame has wins over Michigan, Ball St, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and Stanford and those teams have a total of 16 wins. At the bottom you will see the winless teams. While there are only 4 winless teams, my chart grades 13 teams as having credit with a win but their foes have not won a single game vs a FBS foe.

Here is the Complete list of Strength of Wins with rank: Games Played thru 10/5/18


Pain of Losses

This next chart we will go over is the Pain of Losses. Here if you lose to an opponent you get credit for all their losses. At the bottom of the list you can see there are 14 teams unbeaten. UTEP is at the top of this list with a combined 16 foe losses. Their foe losses include Northern Arizona, UNLV, Tennessee, New Mexico St and UTSA. Unlike the Strength of Wins chart, the Pain of Losses chart does include a loss to an FCS foe. I count that loss a 4 towards the combined foe loss record due to the weakness of the opponent.

Here is your complete Pain of Losses Chart with rank: Games Played thru 10/5/18


Overall Wins and Losses

In this last chart below you can see the overall wins and losses. As you can see the top teams are Notre Dame, LSU, Clemson and Alabama. At the bottom are the winless teams.

Here is the Overall Wins and Losses Chart with %:Games Played thru 10/5/18


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