AP Top 25 is 95.7% 6 months in advance.

Every February I put up my projected Preseason AP Top 10 SIX MONTHS in advance of the actual release of the AP Preseason Poll.

Here is a link to that February blog Click Here

Here is what I projected in February this year

My 2022 Projected AP Preseason Top 10.

1. Alabama
2. Georgia
3. Ohio State
4. Clemson
5. Texas A&M
6. Notre Dame
7. Michigan
8. Utah
9. Oklahoma
10. Oregon

The AP poll is out and this year I “only” hit 9 of the 10 teams with my #10 team Oregon coming in at #11 and Baylor sneaking into the top 10. I would imagine this was because the Big 12 media surprisingly picked Baylor to win the Big 12 this year.

My predicted AP Top 10 had been a PERFECT 10 for 10 each of the previous FOUR years! When I predict the AP Top 10 in February (about a HALF YEAR ahead of the actual AP poll), I have now hit on 134 out of 140 over the last 14 years! That means hitting all 10 teams in eight of the thirteen years and missing by just one team in the other six years. Once again, predicting the top ten teams in the AP poll SIX MONTHS in advance, the record is now 134 out of 140 or 95.7%!

For the record here is the complete AP Top 25 including the Others receiving votes.

Others receiving votes: Tennessee (180), Texas (164), Iowa (163), Penn State (160), LSU (55), Fresno State (32), Minnesota (31), UCF (27), Purdue (17), Mississippi State (15), Auburn (15), Florida (14), Kansas State (14), North Carolina (9), Boise State (5), Air Force (4), Appalachian State (4), South Carolina (2), UCLA (2), San Diego State (2), Utah State (2), Nebraska (1)

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