AP History 1936-2022 by Jim Gumm

This is unusual for me as this is a blog that I have not written and it was not even meant to be a blog but I got this in my email and it was loaded with the same type of information and detail that I use. So a blog was the best way to get this fascinating information out there.

            I have been a FWAA member for 20+ years and I am very proud to be a member of the FWAA All American committee. Jim Gumm is also a member of the FWAA. He wrote the book Conference Pride in 2017 about the history of SEC Football from 1933-2016. He currently writes the newsletter The Blitz. His July 2023 newsletter landed in my email and when I clicked on it BANG, it was information on top of information!

            The Associated Press began ranking college football teams in 1936 and Jim went back and looked at every AP FINAL poll from 1936 until 2022. He assigned a point system of awarding 25 points for #1 and 1 point for #25. Jim compiled a team by team final ranking for each team and also compiled which teams led in the points totals for each decade since the beginning of the poll. The top teams from 1936-39 were 1. Notre Dame 69 2. Pitt 66 3. Minnesota 62 3. Duke 62 5. 5. Tennessee and Alabama 57.

            Michigan is #1 with 63 overall finishes in the Top 25 with Ohio State #2 with 62 and Oklahoma #3 with 61. Alabama wins the overall points with 1150 with Ohio State #2 with 1141.

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