Where is the 2022 Phil Steele Magazine Available?

2020 was a much different year for the magazine as the Football season was a question mark and we did not even send the last page to the press until July 8th. The fine folks at Barnes and Noble really helped keep the magazine going by purchasing their magazines in advance even with the risk of the season not being played. They took a big risk and made sure the magazine got printed. I cannot express enough how much I greatly appreciated that!

Last year we went with Barnes and Nobles almost exclusively for the distribution and Books-A-Million was also in a reduced distribution. In mid-August the magazine hit some other stores outside of those two.

This year the plan was to get back to full distribution to all places that sell magazines like we used to. While Covid was the major problem for the country in 2020, this year the problem was paper. Our normal printer in Kentucky could not come up with the paper to print the job as all printers were dealing with a nationwide paper shortage. My magazine deadline was June 8th and last year the Kentucky printer turned the magazine around in one week and we hit Barnes and Nobles well before July 4th. We found a printer in Denver to print the magazine but they said they could only print half of the run due to the shortage. We lined up the second run to be printed in mid July at the Kentucky printer.

We decided that the first run would go strictly to Barnes and Noble and the VIP members that pre ordered the magazine. The problem this year is that the Denver printer missed some deadlines and by the time they got it printed and shipped we were not even in many Barnes and Nobles by July 11th much later than usual. To say that the whole process was frustrating is an understatement.

Right now, the magazine IS AVAILABLE at ALL Barnes and Nobles but keep in mind last year some stores sold out. Gas is very valuable right now and I do not want you wasting gas money looking for it. If you have a Barnes and Nobles in the area, then that is the spot to go to. You can order them here on philsteele.com as well but it costs me $12+ in postage, shipping and handling and taxes to ship them and that is included in the price. I do not make anything on the shipping and handling overall. Your best bet is to go to a local Barnes and Noble.

Click here to find a Barnes and Noble near you.

Usually from the time the magazine is printed to the time it gets to the stores it is a 2 to 3 week process. The second run is complete and will start hitting other stores soon. Some Books-A-Millions have them already, but I would suggest you call in advance when looking for other outlets. In a few weeks the magazine should be at most places that sell magazines.

Bottom line is the best place to get the magazine this week is clearly Barnes and Noble.


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