The AP Top Ten for 2024, Six Months in Advance. 95.3% over 15 years!

Spring football has already begun for some teams and every year in late February, I put out my Projected AP Top 10 basically six months ahead of the AP Top Ten release. This year I got an extra day with February 29 and took advantage of it!

It is important to make the point that this is NOT my preseason Top 10 for next season, rather what I am projecting the Preseason AP Top 10 will look like to start the season.

My predicted Preseason AP Top 10 has been a PERFECT 10 for 10 in EIGHT of the 15 years that I have put it out! When I predict the AP Top 10 in February (about a HALF YEAR ahead of the actual AP poll), I have now hit on 143 out of 150 over the last 15 years! That means hitting all 10 teams in eight of the fifteen years and missing by just one team in the other seven years. Once again, predicting the top ten teams in the AP poll SIX MONTHS in advance, the record is now 143 out of 150 or 95.3%!

Last year was one of those years where I missed by one. When I did the AP Top 10 in February, Notre Dame had signed Sam Hartman and I figured that would put them over the top. I had Notre Dame as the #10 team in the poll but it was the Washington Huskies who were #10 in the preseason AP poll and the writers did a good job with that as they went undefeated all the way up to the national title game. I had the other nine teams correct.

This week I am starting the second write through process for each team. We have been working full tilt on the magazine since the end of November and are only half-way thru the exhaustive process. The second write thru process lasts about a month and a half. Once spring practices have ended, the third write through process begins which involves me talking to 120+ coaches spending about an hour with each going over their teams with them. We will send the last page to the press on June 5th. Last year we started shipping them out almost as soon as the finished product rolled off the press (about 10 days later). I would estimate we will begin shipping the magazine out to all pre-orders around June 16th this year and they will likely go out Two Day Fed Ex.

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Here are the ten teams I feel will be in the 2024 AP Preseason Top Ten and over the last fifteen years 143 of my 150 (95.3%) Projected top ten teams in February made the actual top ten, so as I said earlier, I seem to have a pretty good feel for how the voters will rank these teams come August.

My 2024 Projected AP Preseason Top 10.

1. Georgia
2. Ohio State
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. Oregon
6. Notre Dame
7. Michigan
8. Penn State
9. Ole Miss
10. Missouri

This Top Ten is now part of the spring guide which I will post on the site early March. Also in a later blog, I will give the reasons for each team being in the Preseason AP Top this year. I feel confident that this will be another perfect 10 for 10 on these teams for the fifth year out of seven once the AP Preseason Poll is released mid to late August! When the AP Poll comes out a half of year from now make sure you check back to this blog to see how I did.


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