Phil Steele’s Projected AP Top 10.

Back in February I projected the AP top 10. In Northeast Ohio, the weather is cold, there is snow and many spring practices have not even started or have just gotten under way. Everyone listing a Top 10 for the upcoming season labels it Way Too Early. This past February I put out my projected AP Top 10 and then went on the Bruce Drennan show on SportsTime Ohio and listed the top 10. Just recently I changed Florida to Auburn at #10.

Here is my 2017 Projected AP Top 10.

  1.  Alabama
  2.   Ohio State
  3.  Florida State
  4.  USC
  5.  Oklahoma
  6.  Clemson
  7.  Penn State
  8.  Washington
  9.  Wisconsin
  10.  Auburn

Now here it is on August 21st nearly six months later and the AP Poll is finally out. Everyone races to see who is ranked and where. The weather is HOT and today there is a solar eclipse. Here is what the AP Poll nearly 6 months later actually looks like.

  1.  Alabama
  2.  Ohio State
  3.  Florida State
  4.  USC
  5.  Clemson
  6.  Penn State
  7.  Oklahoma
  8.  Washington
  9.  Wisconsin.
  10.  Oklahoma State

Overall hitting 9 of 10 teams six months in advance should be considered a solid accomplishment but I have actually hit 10 of 10 in 4 of the 9 years and 9 of 10 in the other five. That brings my overall record in predicting the AP Top 10 to 85 out of 90 94.4% predicting the AP Top Ten SIX months in ADVANCE. You will notice that numbers 1 thru 9 would have been perfect if Bob Stoops did not quit at the start of June and a little over 3 months after I put this out. Had he not retired Oklahoma would have been #5 and bumped Clemson and Penn St each back one making it perfect in the 1-9 role. If you were excited for today’s release of the AP Top 10, make sure you check out my website NEXT FEBRUARY to see who it will be a good SIX months in advance of the actual release.



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