Phil Steele’s 2018 College and NFL Workbook.

Everything today is digital and many items that used to be printed are now going to digital only. About 20 years ago there used to be a plethora of Workbooks and/or Scorebooks that were produced. These books were printed, bound and provided some angle history for each team. There was also a space where you could write in the scores of the games, as well as how the team fared Against the Spread in all the different categories. These type of scorebooks or workbooks are almost extinct

This year with the new gambling legislation passing and many states allowing folks to gamble on sports, I have decided to produce a workbook that you can use for both college football and NFL all season long. Below I show a sample of the two pages from the Alabama college section and two pages from the Philadelphia Eagles NFL section. The NFL version has complete spread records for both sides and totals as you can see below. It also gives you the last 20 years results for every NFL team. The college pages provide the last 20 years results and an expanded section with records versus the spread.

Sample of Alabama’s College pages:














Sample of Philadelphia’s NFL pages:














The book is printed on 20 lb white paper and easy to write in and is bound by a plastic comb so it lays flat. The book is 344 pages and the retail price is $42. It costs me $7.25 in postage to ship this book and that does not have any handling charges, just pure postage so that puts the price at $49.25.

Since this is the first time I am trying it, from now through the start of the season I will give you a substantial discount on this workbook. You can order this 344 page monster for just $39.99 and that includes shipping and handling!!



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