NFL Strength of Wins Pain of Losses thru Week 7

We thought the College strength of wins/pain of losses was so interesting we decided to do one for the NFL and see the results. How it’s devised is if you beat an opponent you get credit for all their wins over their opponents. If you lose you get all their losses.

Strength of Wins

In this first chart below you can see Strength of Wins. Philadelphia in the #1 spot. Philadelphia has wins over Detroit (1-5), Minnesota (5-1), Washington (3-4), Jacksonville (2-5), Arizona (3-4) and Dallas (5-2) and gives them a total of 19 Foe Wins.

Here is the Complete list of Strength of Wins with rank: Games Played thru 10/24/22

Pain of Losses

This next chart we will go over is the Pain of Losses. Here if you lose to an opponent you get credit for all their losses. At the top you will see New Orleans and Carolina. Carolina has foe losses vs Cleveland (2-5), NY Giants (6-1), Arizona (3-4) San Francisco (3-4) and LA Rams (3-3) for a total of 17 foe losses.

Here is your complete Pain of Losses Chart with rank: Games Played thru 10/24/22

Overall Wins and Losses

In this last chart below you can see the overall wins and losses. At the bottom you have Houston.

Here is the Overall Wins and Losses Chart with %: Games Played thru 10/24/22


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