Marquee games for 2023- Advance Lines on all Big Games.

Today’s blog is very interesting as it is advance lines on all the Big games for 2023 from our good friends at Superbook. I found it interesting that they have 26 matchups from Rivalry weekend on November 24!! You can actually wager on all of these games right now  at SuperBook in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee.  

To sign up go to  

SuperBook Sports is one of the most well known bookmakers in the industry thanks to decades of experience and a team of highly respected oddsmakers. Since 1993, we’ve set the bar in the world of U.S. sports betting by consistently delivering the real-time odds you need to make informed wagers and win big. From lines on pro football to props on pro soccer, add the SuperBook® team’s 100+ years of combined oddsmaking experience to your playbook.

Here are the 2023 Marquee games with lines.


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