How many of the top 50 True Frosh TE’s played last year?

I just checked my past blogs and did not do one for the TE’s in either 2021 or 2022 so I just have one years research on how many of the top true frosh TE’s played.

This is one list which I expect the number of true Frosh TE’s to climb this year and in future years. With most teams now using that third LB spot or SLB and turning it into a NB or a safety defenses are getting smaller and speedier at this spot and have the personnel for that type of defense. If I was a head coach I would use more two TE and three TE sets to give my offense a size advantage to exploit that. Some recent successful teams have done that. Remember Stanford when they were successful under David Shaw? They would line up 3 TE’s and punish teams. They got away from that in recent years and their record dropped. Georgia uses 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 TE) and have won back to back national titles.

There are some coaches who I talked to that wanted to run a two TE offense but did not even have a TE on the roster when they took over. I would think all of the above will contribute to more and more true frosh TE’s playing early.

Here are the top 50 TE’s from last year and how many played and their stats.

Eight True Frosh TE’s earned a start last year and 18 true frosh TE’s had a reception last year. Mason Taylor of LSU led with 38 grabs and 414 yards and started all 14 games but he was the only full time starter. RJ Maryland of SMU had 28 receptions and 296 yards in 6 starts and 13 games. Colston Loveland of Michigan had 235 yards on 16 receptions. Jaleel Skinner of Miami had 129 yards. Oscar Delp earned time as a #3 TE on a national champ.

Now here is this year’s Top 50 True Frosh TE’s.

In the magazine I have already projected Luke Hasz (PS#6) of Arkansas and Jamari Johnson (PS#23) of Louisville, as a starter so that could at least double the full time starters from last year. Last years true frosh TE’s combined for 1657 yards and I will call for this year crop to top 2000 yards.

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