Free Schedule Updates (with some suggestions)

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you who purchased this years’ 2020 College Football Preview!! It has been a strange year and the schedules for the teams have changed a couple of times this year. The schedules have finally settled down and I have all 76 schedules available on this blog for the teams that are playing this year and they are in full color. I have cut out LSU’s schedule and pasted it on the defending national champs team page and here is what it looks like.

Katie Tumbleson (@kdmagness104) was the first to tweet out a picture of her magazine with ALL 76 of the teams pasted into it. Here is that picture…..

That makes for a pretty thick book. If that looks too thick for you, I would recommend printing off the SEC, Big 12 and ACC which all made major changes to their schedules and pasting all of them in on the pages. For the most part CUSA, Sun Belt and the American conference kept their conference schedules the same and in-tact. If you are concerned about the size of the magazine you may just hand write the minor changes on those pages. I printed off the 3 conferences and pasted them in my magazine and here is what it looks like size wise.

If you did not buy a magazine this year, feel free to print off the schedules and take advantage of the notes we have on every team. This is just a small part of the information that we provide on all 130 teams and makes up about just 10% of the overall information provided on the two FULL pages we produce for each team. The magazines are only sold at two vendors this year in Barnes and Noble @BNBuzz and Books-A-Million @booksamillion.

When I first printed off a team page on my computer it came out in unreadable fonts. You have to make sure that you download the PDF to your computer and then open the PDR in Acrobat reader and print off the downloaded file to get the best copy that looks exactly like the magazine.

Here are the links to all 76 schedule pages which are ready to print off in full color and thank you again for buying the 2020 Phil Steele College Football Preview!

American Conf
ACC  w/Notre Dame
Big Ten Conf
Big 12 Conf

Sun Belt Conf
Mountain West
PAC 12 Conf


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