FCS Magazine 3 Ways to Get it!

It’s official we basically have a 2022 FCS college football preview available right now and there are three ways to get it.

There are 117 games between FBS and FCS foes this year and I will have a complete writeup on each game in my Inside the Pressbox newsletter.

We have gone through and done a complete writeup on EVERY FCS team and that includes each position completely broken down and analyzed.

Here is the North Dakota St Forecast

There are three ways to get the FCS Magazine.

  1.  GET THE 2022 Phil Steele’s College Football DIGITAL MAGAZINE. If you have already got a 2022 digital version of my FBS magazine the FCS preview is absolutely free we have added the 131 pages to the back of the magazine and you now have a complete write up on every FCS team heading into the 2022 season. If you have not already purchased the digital version you can purchase it right here for just $19.99. The digital version also includes updates on the FBS for every team through the first couple weeks of the season with players out for the year or added to the roster the cost is just $19.99 which is the same price as the FBS version but you basically get both in the digital. Just click on the link below to get the combined FBS/FCS digital preview for just $19.99

Buy the 2022 Phil Steele Digital Magazine Here

2. ORDER PHIL STEELE PLUS FCS ONLY– Your best bet is to subscribe to the Phil Steele plus FCS only for $29 this will get you complete write ups for all 131 FCS teams. Located on the Team page under 2022 Forecast.

You will also get complete stats to updated through this entire season color-coded in green and red plus an average game grade for every single FCS game. You’ll also get the last five years spread logs on all FCS teams and individual leaders over the last five years updated weekly. You have a 10 year old history of each FCS team statistically & Five years of individual player stats. To subscribe to the Phil Steele Plus FCS version, just click on the link below.

North Dakota St’s Last 5 Year ATS Logs.

North Dakota St’s Top 5 Statistical Leaders from 2021.

North Dakota St’s Game by Game Stats from the 2021 Season.

Buy Phil Steele Plus FCS Teams Pages Only Here

3. SUBSCRIBE TO INSIDE THE PRESSBOX- When you subscribe to inside the press box you get it right up on every FBS versus FCS game all season long which include my personal writeup and selection on each game and my computers forecasted yards rushing passing and points on each game. You also get Phil Steele plus absolutely free. With Phil Steele Plus ($99 value) you get access not only to all the FCS team pages but also the FBS & NFL team pages and they are updated all the way thru the Super Bowl. You get logs with point spreads back to 1976 and so much more. If you want to subscribe to my Inside the Pressbox newsletter you can do so at the link below. PUT LINK IN HERE

Inside the Pressbox College & NFL Bundle

Here is the Missouri St Forecast

Here is the Central Arkansas Forecast


Get Phil’s Extended data and Plus your odds. Click on Learn more to see exactly how Phil uses Phil Steele Plus. FCS only access also available.