2019 Inside the Pressbox and Phil Steele Plus package deal.

The 2019 Football season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get set up for the entire season with Phil Steele’s 2019 College or NFL Inside the Pressbox Newsletter.

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This package will give subscribers everything they need to be well informed throughout the 2019 season.  To take advantage of this package, first sign up for a subscription at insidethepressbox.com.  After signing up, email Todd@philsteele.com and ask to get your free Phil Steele Plus account information absolutely FREE!

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Inside the Pressbox –Insidethepressbox.com

Subscribers get Phil’s picks and analysis for EVERY SINGLE GAME of the season, all season long.  Every week, subscribers will get Phil’s:

  • Picks and final score predictions for each game.
  • Write ups and analysis for each game.
  • Statistical breakdowns for each game.
  • Computer predictions for each game.
  • Best Bets of the week.

Check out this Sample of the entire Week 4 College Football Pressbox from 2018. Click Here


**As a bonus for signing up for Inside the Pressbox you will also get access to Phil Steele Plus.
What is Phil Steele Plus? Check the link below to see a Tutorial Video of how Phil Steele himself uses the website of PhilSteele.com

Click Link to see example Video of: Phil Steele Plus
Included with Phil Steele Plus:
All College FBS, FCS & NFL Team Paged Updated weekly after each game played.
  • Bowl Projections
  • Projected Standings
  • Updated Injuries and Transfers weekly
  • Offensive YPG vs OPP AVG
  • Defensive YPG vs OPP AVG
  • Individual Team Player Stats. Sample Click Here
  • Game Grades Color Coded Green = Good,  Red = Bad. Sample of Clemson Click Here
  • Top 5 Player Stats. Sample Click Here
  • Pass Efficiency Defense
  • Power Ratings
  • Special Teams rankings
  • YPP Offense
  • YPP Defense
  • All 130 College Football Team Pages
  • All 124 FCS Team Pages
  • All 32 NFL Team Pages

New for the 2019 Season we are adding in Top 5 Player Stats, Individual Team Player Stats and Game Grades for Every FCS Team Page.

Here is a what the FCS Team Page Top 5 Player Stats and  Game by Game Stats with Game Grades looks like and will be updated each and every week after the games are played.


Get Phil’s Extended data and Plus your odds. Click on Learn more to see exactly how Phil uses Phil Steele Plus. FCS only access also available.