2019 Experience Chart (pg 29 of 2019 College Magazine)

In June and July I have been going thru the individual factors in my experience chart from the 2019 magazine.

For a complete breakdown of each of the factors involved you can read those individual blogs.

2019 Career Starts Offensive Line
June 25th

2019 % of Yards returning
June 27th

2019 % of Tackles returning
June 29th

2019 Two Deep Class breakdown
July 1st

I conclude the series by combining the five factors into my final ranking. I then devised a formula that factors all 5 into the total points equation and then turned the point total into a number from 100 to 0. A (100) would be a team with 25 seniors (NCAA scholarship limit) in the two deep and every yard and tackle returning and 120+ career starts on the offensive line. A (0) would be a team with no experience and 0 seniors in the two deep. Just as in years past the first number is where each team ranks in the NCAA.

At the top of the chart this year is Oregon as they have 17 returning starters and just 16 lettermen lost from last year and ranked high in every category. Texas St #2 with 19 returning starters this year and just 12 lettermen lost.

At the bottom of the list is Massachusetts #130 (#36 LY) with 8 returning starters and 25 letterman lost.  The rest of the of the bottom 10 are #129 Fresno St (#24 LY), #128 Old Dominion (#17 LY), #127 Georgia Tech (#57 LY), #126 UAB (#7 LY), #125 Purdue (#31 LY), #124 South Alabama (#93 LY), #123 Utah St (#26 LY), #122 Penn st (#103 LY) and #121 NC State (#92 LY).



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