2018 Top 50 True Freshman QB’s and their Impact on the Season.

Here is a look at the 2018 Top 50 true freshman quarterback signees and how many of them made an impact last year. Also listed below them are my Top 50 rated quarterbacks for 2019. Of the Top 50 quarterbacks last year 27 at least made 1 pass attempt. Of the 27 that played six stood out the most last season each with over 1,000 yards passing four of those players with over 2,000 yards. PS#1 Trevor Lawrence was the best out of the frosh QB’s throwing for 3,280 yards and a 30-4 ratio leading the team to a National Championship win. 2nd JT Daniels (PS#9) from USC throwing for 2,672 yards with a 14-10 ratio. Alan Bowman (PS#47) of Texas Tech was 3rd with 2,638 yards with 17-7 ratio. PS# 17 Adrian Martinez from Nebraska rounds out the top 4 with 2,617 yards and a 17-8 ratio.

Usually when looking at true freshman quarter backs you will see a lot of interceptions. The best ratio in this group came from Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence with a 30-4 ratio who by the way was also 2nd TM ACC and ACC freshman Rookie of the Year. As you can see PS#11 Artur Sitkowski was at the opposite end of the spectrum throwing for a 4-18 ratio.

The best Completion percentage (over 10 passes) belonged to PS#3 Matt Corral from Mississippi at 72.7% but only played in 4 games and red shirting. 2nd best percentage was Alan Bowman of Texas Tech with 69.4%.

Overall the Top 50 true freshman quarterbacks threw for 15,496 yards completing 67.7% of their passes with 100 touchdowns and 57 interceptions. Of those true frosh quarterbacks that did not play last year, you can expect many of them to see action in 2019.

Top 50 True Frosh QB’s for 2019.

On Monday we will move onto the Top 50 RB’s and their impact on the 2018 season.


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