2017 Top 50 True Freshman TE’s and their Impact on the season.

Today we will move on to the next position in my 2017 Top 50 True Freshman list and talk about tight ends. There was a lot more production on this list then in the previous year (7 players, 14% ’16) as out of the Top 50, 21 (42%) of the players contributed stats for their team. I also added in the players who saw game action but might not have had any stats.

Six players broke the 100 yard mark this past year. PS#44 Louis Dorsey came in at #1 with 395 yards, 18.0 ypc and 3 touchdowns. 2nd was Washington’s Hunter Bryant (PS#5) 331 yards, 15.0 ypc and 1 touchdown. Rounding off the top 3 was PS#37 Bryce Wolma of Arizona with 241 yards, 8.6 ypc and 2 touchdowns.

The top yards per catch in this group with at least 10 or more receptions goes Louis Dorsey with 18.0 yards per catch on 22 receptions. PS#34 Dalton Keene of Virginia tech was 2nd with 16.7 ypc on 10 receptions. 3rd was Oklahoma’s Grant Calcaterra (PS#9) with 16.2 on 10 receptions.

The Top 50 tight ends from last year combined for 1,799 yards, 12.2 ypc and 17 touchdowns. You should see a lot more productions from these players in 2018.

Here is the complete list of the 2017 Top 50 true frosh tight ends and what they did last year. Wednesday we will take a look at the Top 50 true freshman offensive linemen.

Top 50 true freshman TE’s for 2018.



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