The Truck is here, the 2019 Magazines are shipping now.

The Truck is here, the 2019 Magazines are shipping now.

The Official on sale date for my 2019 College Football Preview is Tuesday June 25th. The first magazines must be sent to the distributor and then redistributed to the 7 national retailers where the magazine will be available. At EVERY Barnes & Noble at 90% Books-A-Million and Walmart, 80% of CVS, Publix, Target and Walgreens locations nationwide. Also available in Ontario Canada at Corporation Presse Commerce and at other independent retailers in the area (limited quantities). However, we do not yet know how many magazines will be ordered by each store or by a particular store location.


The magazine is like receiving 130 media guides rolled into one and at 352 pages it has approximately twice as many pages as the competition and 3-4 times the amount of information.

We have brought in extra crew and have been shipping out the magazines since 10:00 AM this morning and will be making trips to the post office all day. Despite the high number of preorders my goal is to have all the magazines out of the office by the weekend with the majority of them out TODAY. We are sending them Priority Mail thru the Post Office. Priority Mail is not guaranteed delivery but it usually takes 3-7 business days so if you did order one in advance you can start checking your mailbox next week and should have the magazine in your hands well in advance of it hitting the book stores.


Preorder a copy of the magazine now at the Phil Steele Store Or call the office at 866-918-7711. We will ship your order out within 24 hour.




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