2021 Inside The Pressbox: Pro Football Single Issue


Get Phil Steele’s write-ups and predictions for every game of the week.

NFL Week 20 Divisional Round

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What’s Inside the Pressbox?

A complete analysis of EVERY single game from the BEST source in Pro Football. Each game preview includes…

Key Stats & Game Info
Phil’s Exclusive stats that have made him the most accurate preseason forecaster for over last 20 years! You also get Phil’s Computer generated box score and Computer generated final score.

Phil’s Picks & Analysis
Phil’s pick and write up explaining why he made each pick. Each write up highlights key information and provides Phil’s reasoning for picking a specific team in an upcoming matchup. He also gives out his predicted final score.

Best Plays of the Week
Each week Phil will highlight which games are his Best Bets of the Week. He also will give subscribers his High Scoring Game of the Week and his Upset Pick of the Week as well!!


Get Phil’s Extended data and Plus your odds. Click on Learn more to see exactly how Phil uses Phil Steele Plus. FCS only access also available.