How many TRUE Freshmen QB’s have played the last two years?

The last few years one of my daily blogs has listed all the True Freshmen at each position and given you a idea of how many actually played in their first year on campus. I will go thru each position this August and show you how many have played the last two years, so you know what to expect out of this year’s true frosh class.

Here is a look at the top 50 QB’s that were signed in 2020. Now 2020 was an odd year as with no spring practice the true frosh QB’s could not benefit from being in early for the spring. With some conferences cancelling their seasons and then starting them up again that put them even further behind. Now in 2020 technically every QB redshirted as 2020 did not count against their eligibility.

Here is a look at the Top 50 True Frosh from 2020 and how many played.

Of the top 50 true freshmen QB’s in 2020, the top guy DJ Uiagalelei (PS#1) did start 2 games and had big numbers in those when Trevor Lawrence was unavailable. Only two of the top 50 QB’s started over half the games with Ken Seals (PS#46) starting 9 games for Vanderbilt and Jeff Sims (PS#16) starting 10 games for Georgia Tech. Overall 10 true frosh QB’s earned at least one start and ironically two of them played for LSU in Max Johnson (PS#14) who started 2 games and TJ Finley (PS#17) who started 5. Both QB’s have since transferred. CJ Stroud played in just two games with one rush attempt before taking over as the starter at Ohio State in 2021. 28 of the 50 QB’s did not attempt a pass despite the fact it was a free season and they could have played without losing eligibility.

Now let’s look at the 2021 True Freshmen. I know that technically all of 2020’s true frosh were still true frosh, but I will just look at the ones that were in their first year on campus. We will just look at the 2021 signing class of QB’s and how much they played.

With everyone back from Covid and unlike in 2020 if a QB played more than 4 games the player would lose a year of eligibility you would think that less true frosh QB’s would play. One advantage the 2021 true frosh had was being able to be on campus for spring if they enrolled early.

Here is a look at the Top 50 True Frosh from 2021 and how many played.

In 2020 the Top 50 QB’s combined for 1318 att’s, 789 comp, 9342 yds with a 65-40 ratio.

In 2021 the Top 50 QB’s combined for 1367 att’s, 824 comb, 10,362 yds with a 91-40 ratio.

With more time to prep and less uncertainty of a season the True frosh QB’s had about the same number of attempts but threw for more yards and had a much better ratio of 91-40. The top producer was Prime Time’s son Shedeur Sanders who was the SWAC Freshman of the year. The #1 QB Caleb Williams beat out the preseason Heisman frontrunner for the starting job at Oklahoma and started 7 games. This time nine of the 50 QB’s managed to start a game.

Now here is a look at this years Top 50 Freshmen.

Currently, zero of the 50 freshmen are projected to start this year. Some like Ty Simpson (PS#3) and Devin Brown (PS#7) are sitting behind Heisman front runners. I would expect more QB’s to play this year with more attrition to the rosters than last year and a full spring for some of these guys. Only two true frosh QB’s started more than 7 games last year and I will call for over that number this year but not by much.  

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