NFL Finding Value in YPG

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If you’ve been reading my College Preview Magazine, you know that every year I look for teams that are much better than their final record would indicate, or those that are much weaker than the final standings would indicate based on the yards per game earned in league play. I only base statistics on league play in the NCAA because teams play non-conference slates of various degrees of difficulty, which affects their overall ypg (yards per game) for the season.

A prime example from 2007 was the Illinois Fighting Illini. I said they were a much stronger team than the final record indicated. The 2006 team was just 1-7 in B10 play, but actually outgained foes by 24 ypg in conference play, which was more indicative of a 5-3 team. Illinois was indeed underrated coming into 2007 and did not disappoint as they finished their season with a Rose Bowl appearance. Click Here for the Full Article of Finding Value in YPG.