2014 FBS Injuries - Prior to Season Season Injuries

Here is the current list for players that have been lost for the year since the end of May. This includes injuries, transfers, suspensions and dismissals. This list will be updated DAILY so check it often. Any player that will not suit up for 2014 when they were expected to in May needs to be on this list.  If you see any players missing in this list please email brandon@philsteele.com and we will get those players on there ASAP.  Also during the season we will provide an updated starts lost list for each school so you can see which schools are banged up and which fall into the zero starts lost category. This section will also update late additions. Here is the current list.

Date Conf Team Pos Name Injury/Reason
5/24/14 ACC Virginia Tech OL Brent Benedict Out for year (blood clots)
5/26/14 Big 10 Maryland OL Moise Larue Suspended for season
5/26/14 Big 10 Ohio St DE Jamal Marcus Transferred to Akron
5/27/14 SEC Alabama QB Parker McLeod Transferred
5/27/14 Big 10 Iowa WR AJ Jones Transferred
5/27/14 Big 10 Iowa RB Barkley Hill Transferred to Northern Iowa
5/27/14 Big 10 Iowa WR Blake Haluska Retired due to injury
5/28/14 Big 10 Minnesota RG Caleb Bak Retired due to concussions
5/28/14 AAC SMU WR Chris Hipps Grad Transfer from Duke Lacrosse team
5/28/14 ACC Virginia Tech WR Kevin Asante Returned to Team
5/30/14 Pac-12 Arizona RB Adonis Smith Transfer from UNLV,
eligbible immediately
5/30/14 MW Boise St LB Andre Pint Transferred
5/30/14 Indep BYU FB Iona Pritchard Transferred to Oregon St,
eligible immediately
5/30/14 Indep BYU QB Billy Green Transferred
5/30/14 AAC SMU QB Matt Davis PS#6QB signed from JUCO
5/30/14 AAC SMU LB Cameron Nwosu Grad Transfer from Rice
5/31/14 ACC Louisville OL Cameron Fraser Asked for and Granted Release
5/31/14 ACC Louisville OL Abraham Garcia Asked for and Granted Release
5/31/14 ACC Louisville OL Chandler Bridges Asked for and Granted Release
5/31/14 Pac-12 Oregon St FB Iona Pritchard Transfer from BYU, eligible immediately
5/31/14 MW San Diego St RB Lucky Radley Transfer from Utah, eligible immediately
5/31/14 Big 12 Texas Tech LB Mike Mitchell Transfer from Ohio St, has to sit out 2014
5/31/14 Pac-12 Utah RB Lucky Radley Transferred to San Diego St,
eligible immediately
6/1/14 SEC Arkansas OG Cameron Jefferson Transferred from UNLV.
Eligible Immediately
6/1/14 Pac-12 UCLA LB Aaron Porter Transferred to Washington St
6/1/14 MW UNLV OG Cameron Jefferson Transferred to Arkansas.
Eligible Immediately
6/1/14 Pac-12 Washington WR Damore'ea Stringfellow Transferred to Nebraska,
will have to sit 2014
6/2/14 SEC LSU QB Hayden Rettig Transferred to Rutgers,
will have to sit 2014
6/3/14 SEC Georgia S Tray Matthews Dismissed from team
6/3/14 SEC Texas A&M DL Isaiah Golden Kicked off team
6/3/14 SEC Texas A&M LB Darian Claiborn Kicked off team
6/4/14 AAC Connecticut RB Lyle McCombs No longer on team
6/4/14 AAC Houston OL Travis Cross Transfer from Oklahoma St,
Eligible Immediately
6/4/14 AAC Houston OL Kyle Marrs Transfer from Oklahoma,
Petitioning to play TY
6/4/14 Big 10 Michigan RB Ty Isaac Transfer from USC, must sit 2014
6/4/14 Big 12 Oklahoma OL Kyle Marrs Transferred to Houston
6/4/14 SEC Ole Miss FS Chief Brown Torn Achilles
6/4/14 SEC South Carolina WR Jody Fuller Transferred
6/4/14 SEC Vanderbilt QB Stephen Rivers Transferred from LSU,
Eligible Immediately
6/6/14 SEC Georgia WR Charlie Hegedus Transfer from NC State,
eligible immediately
6/6/14 CUSA Rice DT Stuart Mouchantaf Knee out for year
6/6/14 MW San Diego St CB Derek Babish Transfer from Arizona, will sit 2014
6/6/14 Pac-12 Washington St DL Jalen Canty Playing basketball at another school
6/7/14 Pac-12 Arizona DL Kirifi Taula Lingering health issues no longer on team.
6/7/14 Big 10 Nebraska S Drake Martinez Transferred
6/7/14 Big 10 Nebraska WR Monte Harrison Was #50 pick in MLB draft
and will play baseball
6/7/14 Big 10 Northwestern RB Malin Jones Transferred
6/7/14 Big 12 Texas Tech WR Derrick Edwards No longer on team (reason not disclosed)
6/9/14 Pac-12 Oregon LB Tyrell Robinson Left program
6/9/14 AAC Tulsa K Cole Way Turn pro in baseball
6/10/14 CUSA North Texas DB Zed Evans Back problems quit football
6/11/14 Big 10 Indiana QB Tre Roberson Transferred to Illinois St
6/11/14 Big 10 Iowa S Nico Law Left program
6/11/14 AAC Tulsa RB Pat Swilling Jr Former Tulsa Basketball player,
will walk on this year
6/12/14 Pac-12 Arizona WR Garic Wharton Transferred
6/12/14 CUSA FAU P Sean Kelly Left program
6/12/14 Pac-12 Utah WR Micah Thomas Left program
6/12/14 SEC Vanderbilt DE Darien Bryant Transferred
6/13/14 Pac-12 California WR Jacob Wark Transferred to Oregon St, will play TE
6/13/14 Pac-12 Oregon DB Eric Amoako Left team
6/14/14 Pac-12 Arizona RB Pierre Cormier Career over, medical condition
6/14/14 Big 12 Oklahoma St LB Dominic Ramacher Left team
6/14/14 Big 10 Penn St OL Anthony Alosi Left team
6/14/14 Big 10 Penn St WR Richy Anderson Left team
6/14/14 Big 10 Penn St WR Jonathan Warner Left team
6/14/14 Big 10 Penn St QB Austin Whipple Transferred
6/14/14 Big 12 Kansas QB Jake Heaps Transferred to Miami, eligible immediately
6/14/14 Big 12 Kansas RB Darian Miller Left Program
6/14/14 Big 12 Kansas WR Andrew Turzilli Graduated
6/16/14 SEC Vanderbilt TE Davis Dudchock Graduate Transfer from Stanford,
eligible immediately
6/17/14 Big 10 Rutgers CB Ian Thomas Left team
6/17/14 SEC Missouri CB Ernest Payton Left team
6/17/14 SEC Missouri DT DeQuinton Osborne Left team
6/17/14 SEC Florida WR Marqui Hawkins Transferred to UAB
6/17/14 CUSA WKU OL Zach Heath Never made it to campus
6/17/14 CUSA WKU DT Jamichael Payne No longer on team
6/18/14 SEC Georgia TE Hunter Atkinson Decided to step away from football
6/18/14 Big 10 Illinois RB Matt Domer Denied admission
6/18/14 Sun Belt Louisiana QB Jalen Nixon Academically Ineligble
6/18/14 MAC Ball St DL Julian Jackson Late signee
6/18/14 Pac-12 Oregon LB Oshay Dunmore Transferring
6/18/14 Big 12 Kansas St LB Nick Ramirez No longer on team
6/19/14 Sun Belt South Alabama QB Matt Floyd Transfer from USF, eligible immediately
6/19/14 Pac-12 Oregon St TE Jacob Wark Transferred from Cal
6/19/14 ACC Georgia Tech DT Jimmie Kitchen Suspended indefinitely and will transfer
6/19/14 Big 10 Rutgers WR Andrew Turzilli Graduate transfer from Kansas
6/19/14 ACC NC State QB/FB Byrant Shirreffs Transferring
6/19/14 AAC Connecticut QB Kivon Taylor Suspended and transferred
6/19/14 Pac-12 Colorado OL Isaiah Holland Late signee
6/19/14 Pac-12 Arizona St CB Rashad Wadood Will transfer
6/19/14 Big 10 Illinois WR Raphael Barr Late JC Signee
6/19/14 Sun Belt Louisiana DB Simeon Thomas Academically Ineligble
6/20/14 SEC Florida TE Colin Thompson Will transfer
6/23/14 Big 12 Baylor WR Robbie Rhodes No longer on team
6/23/14 ACC Syracuse DB Treevon Prater Failed to qualify
6/25/14 SEC Mississippi St TE Artimas Samuel No longer on team
6/25/14 Pac-12 Washington St LB Chandler Leniu Former Cal signee, Eligible immediately
6/25/14 Big 10 Minnesota DE Owen Salzwedel Left team
6/25/14 Pac-12 Oregon St WR Walter Jones Will transfer
6/25/14 Pac-12 Oregon St TE Tyler Perry Decided to retire
6/25/14 Pac-12 UCLA LB Aaron Wallace Has returned to team
6/25/14 Big 10 Penn St LB Ben Kline Torn Achilles
6/26/14 Pac-12 Oregon St LB Fitou Fisiiahi Gave up Football to play Rugby
6/28/14 ACC Syracuse WR KJ Williams Failed to qualify
6/30/14 Big 12 Texas Tech CB Nigel Bethel Dismissed from team
7/1/14 Indep Army OL Ryan Powis Left team
7/2/14 MAC Massachusetts QB Austin Whipple Former Penn St player, added to roster,
sit out 2014
7/2/14 MAC Massachusetts RB Drew Harris Former PS#24 Va Tech Signee,
could play in 2014
7/2/14 AAC Connecticut QB Bryant Shirreffs Transfer from NC State, sit out 2014
7/2/14 Pac-12 Washington DE Josh Shirley No longer on team
7/2/14 Pac-12 Washington OL Taylor Hindy No longer on team
7/2/14 ACC Maryland DL Spencer Myers Joined team from wrestling program
7/2/14 SEC Texas A&M OL Ishmael Wilson Transferred to Baylor will sit out 2014
7/3/14 Big 12 Oklahoma WR Dorial Green-Beckham Transfer from Missouri, most likely
will sit out 2014
7/4/14 SEC Arkansas WR D'Arthur Cowan No longer on team
7/4/14 SEC Alabama OL Brandon Hill Granted release
7/4/14 AAC USF DL Kevin Bronson Originally signed with Virginia Tech,
will go to USF
7/4/14 Indep Notre Dame LB Nile Sykes Transferred to Indiana,
eligible immediately
7/7/14 Big 10 Ohio St DL Tracy Sprinkle Dismissed from team
7/8/14 Pac-12 USC DL Kenny Bigelow Torn ACL, out for season
7/8/14 ACC Miami, Fl LB JaWand Blue Dismissed from team
7/8/14 ACC Miami, Fl LB Alex Figueroa Dismissed from team
7/8/14 Indep Notre Dame WR Will Mahone No longer enrolled
7/11/14 Big 10 Michigan St CB Ezra Robinson Released from Scholarship
7/11/14 SEC South Carolina DE Jhaustin Thomas Failed to qualify
7/11/14 SEC South Carolina DE Kalan Ritchie Will head to JUCO
7/11/14 SEC Kentucky S Mike Edwards Shoulder surgery out for year
7/11/14 SEC Vanderbilt WR Chandler Dorrell Transfer from Stanford,
eligible immediately
7/11/14 Big 10 Wisconsin OT Jaden Gault Will sit this season due to medical reasons
7/11/14 AAC SMU WR Arrius Holleman Left team
7/11/14 AAC SMU NT Rishaad Wimbley Left team
7/11/14 AAC SMU DB J'Marcus Rhodes Will head to JUCO
7/11/14 ACC North Carolina LB Darius Lipford Entered supplemental draft
7/13/14 Pac-12 Washington St QB Tyler Bruggman Left team
7/14/14 SEC Kentucky LB Miles Simpson Forced to retire due to hip injury
7/14/14 Pac-12 Arizona St LB Darrius Caldwell Will not enroll
7/14/14 SEC Tennessee QB Riley Ferguson Transferring to Charlotte
7/14/14 Sun Belt Arkansas St C Bryce Giddens Forced to retire due to injury
7/15/14 SEC LSU WR Rob Bolden Will transfer and play QB at E Mich,
Eligible Immediately
7/15/14 SEC LSU QB Jared Foster Rejoined team after playing baseball
last 3 years
7/16/14 ACC Pittsburgh DE Ejuan Price Torn Pectoral, out for season


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