2014 College Football Preview Available Now on iTunes!

Last year was the first year my College Football Preview magazine was available on iTunes to download to your iPhone or iPad. In that initial year, we naturally dealt with some issues through trial and error and it was not available to purchase until mid-August.

This year’s version is vastly improved on several fronts!

1). It is available a FULL THREE WEEKS before the magazine hits the newsstands on June 24th!

2). It’s easy to use and works perfectly for both the iPhone and iPad. The download process may take up to 10-15 minutes but that’s because we have 352 pages with jampacked information!

3). No bugs, no issues, take it with you where ever you go!

4). Non-U.S. Customers: The magazine will not be on the newsstands internationally, the only way to get the 2014 College Football Preview is to order through our offices and pay at least $35 (includes S&H) or get it on iTunes  for just $9.99.

5). It’s only $9.99! On the newsstand, the magazine will cost you $12.99.

Don’t wait three weeks until the magazine hits the newsstands. Get my 2014 College Football Preview right now for just $9.99 on your iPhone or iPad!

Coming Soon to Google Play!

Please note: after downloading and purchasing the App, please make sure you search for 2014 if the old 2013 cover/edition comes up on your screen.